Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A little MUA Review

Ok, so I'm going to start reviewing some of the products I currently own, and first products in the shooting line are the MUA (Makeup Academy) eyeshadows.

There has been a fair amount of hype about this line across various blogs and on youtube, so a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was about time I tried some of their products.

I bought two colours: Shade 18 (Below left) and Shade 17 (Below right) - both matt eyeshadows:

Shade 18 is a beautiful vibrant looking matt purple.

Shade 17 is a matt sand colour.

Above are the two colours swatched with any without a base (top is without a base)

So what do I think?
  • First lets talk price.. All the products in the MUA range cost just £1. For that price you cant go wrong really. I think the products are perfect for people like me who are begining to establish a makeup collection and are not sure what colours work, etc, but also anyone who just wants to try out new colours without wasting large amounts of money on something that may not work, suit them, etc.
  • Now the quality.. For the price I really wasn't expecting much at all from these shadows, but when applied on their own they are pretty pigmented. I mean obviously not as pigmented as more high end brands, but still pretty good. However, when they are applied over a base the colours just come to life.. look how vibrent the purple is!
  • How long do they last? This is probably the products biggest downfall. There is almost no point in wearing these eyeshadows on their own (without some kind of primer). Bearing in mind that I do have fairly oily eyelids, these eyeshadows do not last very long and do crase (I have never hadd this problem with other eyeshadows before). However with a primer, they do last for a substantailly longer period of time.
Overall, I think these shadows are a really good deal, and I look forward to trying more products in the range (especially some of the 'pearl' shades). A review on the lipsticks and lipglosses will be coming soon too!

Hope you didn't find this too boring and thanks for reading! X


  1. I want to try more MUA too! :)

    Love their shadows.

  2. these look cute colours I love their lipstick and nail polishes are actually pretty good x

  3. Yeahh I'm trying out one of their nail polishes at the moment for a Nail Polish Collection/Overview and so far so good!

  4. Wow, the difference between with and without a base is crazy! LOVE the purple with a base, so bright and vivid. I've never tried any MUA, but I'd love to someday!

  5. Nos encanta tub y ahora que hace poco que nos hemos adentrado en este mundillo nos teniamos que hacer tus seguidoras!! pasate y nos dices lo que te parece y te gusta nos sigues =)


  6. Thanks for rhis review, sweetheart! I have never tried products by MUA!!
    Love from a new follower,

  7. i love MUA products!

  8. I love the purple eyeshadow, the colour is fab, and it sounds super cheap too. It's a shame that you need to splurge on other products too though to get the full effect of this one, like the base and primer.

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    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  9. the purple is so pretty and so pigmented!