Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A little haul :)

I've decided to postpone my 30 day challenge as I simply do not have the time with exams and everything.

So heres a few things I picked up today. Went out to look for a prom dress and failed, but I did pick these up as my skin is going crazy at the moment and I wanted to get some new products to try out. Reviews to come soon.. If the exams don't kill me!
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  1. Can't wait to see the reviews! :) I own the Oilatum too

  2. I've wanted to try something from Good Things for ages! You'll have to let us know how it goes!

    Good Luck with exams!


  3. I've seen loads of really good reviews for the Oilatum!

    And thankyou, I will definately :)